Employment Law


While it is impossible to prevent all employee claims, my goal is to assist employers in putting practices into place to minimize risk and create a peaceful environment that supports the company’s primary goals. I do this by autiting your current employment practices and recommending steps to take to comply with local, state and federal laws. This could include:

» Drafting or revising your employee manual
» Conducting compliance training seminars for harassment, discrimination and other areas
» Reviewing and revising employee contracts
» Reviewing and implementing effective hiring, discharge and termination procedures
» Ensuring proper confidentiality agreements are in place
» Reviewing and ensuring non-compete agreements comply with state and federal laws
» Negotiating and drafting separation/severance agreements
» Counseling management on techniques to diffuse employee complaints to maintain a
   peaceful office environment
» Working with management to determine the best practices for your business

I am available to answer your questions – from the simple to the complex. In the event of a legal claim, I will represent you before the EEOC, the state human/civil rights department, the unemployment commission, the Department of Labor, etc. This includes preparation of the response to the claim, communications with the administrative agency, and representation at mediation or court.


I will consult with you regarding your employment issue. I will evaluate your claim and either recommend steps you should take or work with you to reach an amicable resolution with your employer.

Stikovich Legal Counsel performs a thorough conflict search to ensure that there is no conflict providing representation to an employee. (In other words, Stikovich Legal Counsel will not represent an employee against an employer who is a past or current client.)